Sixers: They imposed a fine of 360 thousand. dollars to Ben Simmons!


Another episode unfolded tonight in the … serial between them Sixers and Ben Simmons.

Relations between the two sides remain strained, with the Philadelphia club determined to push history to the brink of extinction. cooperate with the team the 25-year-old guard / forward.

According to reputable journalist Adrian Voinarovsky, the Sixers imposed fine of 360 thousand dollars to the Australian ace, an amount corresponding to the salary of a match. In fact, they are seriously considering continuing to impose sanctions on the young guard until find a solution and work together with the doctors of the organization.

Remember that Simmons referred a few days ago psychological reasons, emphasizing how he feelsspiritually unprepared to return to the Sixers’ training and games.

The team respected his choice, and offered him the doctors of the organization to help him. On the contrary, he did not accept the proposal, while he did not want to have any contact with the Sixers, stressing that he is talking to psychologists of the NBA Players Committee.

With the new fine they imposed, the Sixers want to “calm down” the Australian so that they can sit at the same table and put an end to his exchange case.

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