Mantzios: “We are concerned about the fact that we do not have the easy goal”


Mantzios about AEK and Volos, but also the difficult goal. The coach of the “yellows” referred to the many finals of his team against the Union and the 2-1 defeat in OAKA, but also to the next match for the championship.

«We create phases, especially in the last games many finals and based on these we do not get the goals we need to have“, Commented the 52-year-old technician through Nova.

In detail what he stated:

For what he keeps from the OAKA game: “We keep the presence and the general image of the team. “It was a game where we went to play good football and claim victory.”

For the fact that Aris made 23 finals and scored just one goal, but also what he liked about his team in the OAKA game: “It simply came to our notice then. It is a phenomenon that we had last year. We create phases, especially in the last games, many finals and based on these we do not get the goals we need to have “.

On whether the team has left this match behind: “It simply came to our notice then. Always after a game, we continue, whether the result is positive or negative, while working on the things we need to improve. We are preparing all week to go to win in Volos “.

For the match with Volos that follows and how it awaits him: “It’s a very good team. He impresses with the way he plays and the speed he has as a team. We have to go and claim the victory “.

On how crucial Sunday’s game is: “All games are crucial. There is no easy game. From the moment that our start was not what we wanted and if we calculate the -6 that follows us, we are obliged to claim the three points of victory in every match “.

About -6 and how difficult it is for his players to get it out of their minds: “We are making a great effort. We look at the games we have. We get the minus points out of our minds and we want to win on the field “.

For what has changed on Mars and the team presents a different face in recent games: “We are in a much better situation than we were at the beginning of the championship. The reasons are many. We have analyzed them and this can be seen from the children, with the mood and image they have in training. We hope to have a similar continuation “.

For what explanation he gives to the fact that Aris has the best defense in the league and aggressively finds it difficult to find the goal: “Why don’t we score goals in the phases. We do not have the easy goal. It is a fact. We are working and trying to improve it and solve it “.

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