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#Hashtag: See the best reactions to Japan’s historic World Cup ranking


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What a script.

Japan debuted in the Cup beating Germany 2-1, in one of the biggest upsets in the history of the competition.

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In the second game, against Costa Rica, it was time to shine. Played poorly and lost 1-0.

In the third match, he won 2-1 against Spain, again coming from behind, and ended up at the top of group E.

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And more. The result still eliminated Germany. The Germans’ 4-2 victory over Costa Rica was insufficient.

If Brazilians already have a natural affection for the Japanese, due to the strong immigration that the country received in the 20th century, after this result the networks vibrated a lot.

Here are some reactions:

We won 7-1 again.

Costa Rica and Japan.

Strength anime.

Super Champions in real life.

Nothing makes sense.

Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Digimon and Knights of the Zodiac made history.

What a coincidence.

A series of historical achievements.

Cup Robin Hood.

A crazy thing.

In draw.

Must respect.

In the 1990s, Zico went to play for Kashima Antlers, and helped boost Japanese football.

VAR? We never criticize.


Friends forever.


On the networks, Brazilians celebrate Germany’s 2nd fall: ‘only 5 left’

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