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US defeat in the World Cup earns R$ 34 million for the women’s team


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With the defeat of the United States selection in the Qatar World Cup in the round of 16 to the Netherlands, this Saturday (3), the team will take home US$ 13 million (about R$ 68 million) in prize money.

This amount will be divided equally with the women’s team, since the agreement signed between the associations that represent the athletes of the two teams and the US Soccer Federation, signed last May, after years of struggle by the women’s team for equal pay.

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The US$ 6.5 million, or R$ 34 million, (before the federation subtracts its 10%) is already more than the prizes received by women when they lifted the 2015 Cups (US$ 2 million or R$ 10 .4 million) and 2019 (US$ 4 million or R$ 20.4 million) combined.

Next year, with the Women’s World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand, the prize won by the US team will also be divided equally with the men’s team.

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