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Baltakos: “I’m thinking of a Cup final abroad, but the teams must agree”


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Takis Baltakos shared the thought of holding the final of the Cup abroad… while speaking to the media of Thessaloniki. The president of EPO stated that he has the desire to try something like this, but pointed out that for this to happen, both groups that will participate in it will have to agree…

“What you said about the place of the final, it says in the announcement of the Cup from last August. If it is one team from Thessaloniki and one from Athens, the final must be played in Volos. But the federation has the right to prequalify the final to be held in another country. This has been predicted. It remains to be seen where the final will be”Takis Baltakos reported – initially – to Metropolis and continued:

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“We don’t have time to talk about New York. I had said it. The research that was done did not have the corresponding results. The search has not paid off so we go there. We know the stadiums, the federations, excluding New York. Imagine that Europe has 54 federations. The final cannot practically be held in a country that has no Greeks. In Germany there are Greeks, just as in England. It makes no sense to go to Slovakia for example.

I can’t say we have any preference. This is not unusual. I think the French Cup will be held in Saudi Arabia. Uploads the federation and participating teams. At some point we have to let go of the mistakes that were made. I lean towards the outside. I remember last year as well that there were episodes. Once the chain of events is broken. He wants actions. The final will take place on May 20, we have 3.5 months to organize and decide on it. This will be done within the coming week. PAOK and AEK and Olympiacos should also be asked what they want. It is impossible to make a decision to say we are going somewhere for the final. Somewhere the margin is narrowing”,
pointed out and then explained…

When I previously said that the final will definitely take place in Volos, I did not mean and I did not say that PAOK will definitely qualify. Whether it’s PAOK or Lamia, the final will take place in Volos, as long as Greece is chosen as the host country.”

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Finally he was asked to speak about the banner in Livadia and Kleanthis Vikelidis…

“I will tell you about my banner in Livadia, that the referee gives the order. Then there was a Greek, who read what the banner said and in five minutes the banner came down. In Kleanthis Vikelidis there was a foreign referee and he did not know Greek. The first observer, who is from the League, I don’t know why he didn’t tell the referee. To tell the truth, I didn’t have time to be informed, whether the regulation says so or not. It’s not just a matter of name. That’s what the regulation should say. I have nothing to say to everything that is happening. Generally such banners should be taken down. It is the mindsets that compel us to change situations. Football is not war.”

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