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Unstoppable Olympiacos lifted another cup and continues the… count!


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They got one more and counting! The Olympiakos girls prevailed 11-6 of Vouliagmeni in the Polo Cup final, winning their fourth consecutive and fifth overall trophy in the six-year history of the institution and confirming that they are rightfully the top team in Europe.

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Great performance from the goalkeeper of the “red and whites”, Chrysi Diamantopoulouwho was named the top goalkeeper of the institution, while the top scorer of the Final 4 was Amy Page of Vouliagmeni with 7 goals, while the top player was declared Elena Xenakis.

The match

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The first eight minutes it started with Olympiakos having the first attack which did not result in a goal. In this way, Vouliagmeni managed to get ahead of the 6:43 with Ridge. THE Eleftheria Pleuritou equalized for the European champions as the clock ticked down 5:47 making it 1-1, while at 4:21 p.m Christmas gave Aleksandar Ciric’s team the lead for the first time. From that point on both teams gave a recital of missed attacks resulting in the 2-1 to stay until the end of the eight-minute period.

Olympiakos had the best start in second eight minutes and arrived at 3-1 with the first goal of Vassos Pleuritou. The response of Vouliagmeni was immediate as a few seconds later Elliniadi reduced the goal again for Vouliagmeni making it 3-2. The “red and white” however, after two consecutive missed attacks by Vouliagmeni, reached 4-2 with an impressive goal by Elena Xenakis at 4:41, while Rich put her team in the game for good by making it 4-3. While after the time-out called by Kiki Liosi for Vouliagmeni, Olympiacos found two more goals with Vasso Pleuritou and Elena Xenaki for 6-3 which was also the score for the half of the final.

Upon returning to the pool, both teams proceeded conservatively and took no chances. They had to go through 2:20 to achieve some end in third quarter with Xenaki scoring for the third time while Eleni Helliniadi cut it to 7-4 on a penalty kick at 4:40. However, the fantastic goal of Ioanna Hydiriotis at 4:23 gave Olympiacos a double score. The game “opened up” and Yiannopoulou immediately reduced the score to 8-5 for Vouliagmeni. Aleksandar Ciric called a timeout and with their return to the pool the “red and white” reached 9-5 at 2:31 with Margarita Pleuritou. At 55 seconds before the end of the eight-minute period, Eleftheria Pleuritou this time put Olympiakos back in a position of strength, giving them a double score for 10-5.

The quarter of eight minutes it looked like a standard procedure and it showed in the fact that the teams did not chase a goal enough. It was characteristic that the first goal of the period was scored at 5:55 before the final by Kristmas who made it 11-5 for Olympiakos. Vouliagmeni came close to scoring twice and Ridge with her third goal of the match reduced the score to 11-6 with 2:32 left in the final.

Until the end, nothing changed and Olympiacos continued to… count cups as they won the fourth consecutive and fifth overall Cup in their history.

NO Vouliagmeni (Kiki Liosi): Kotsioni, Kaiafa, Kalogeropoulou, Elliniadi 2, Giannopoulou 1, Ridge 3, Vidali, Wright, Stratidaki, Andreadis, Mimidis, Angelidis, Patras, Markatseli, Krassa

Olympiacos (Alexander Ciric): Diamantopoulou, Pleuritou E 2, Hydirioti 1, Eleftheriadou, Tricha, Xenaki 3, Siouti, Pleuritou M 1, Tornarou, Pleuritou B 2, Kristmas 2, Myriokephalitaki, Stamatopoulou, Santa, Tjortzakaki

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