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“Sunk” Panathinaikos in Patras and Olympiacos reached 24 Cups!


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The match:

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The final started with Olympiakos attacking without finding a score in the first three minutes as an excellent Ristisevic was on the other side. However, it was the captain Dinos Genidounias who opened the scoring for the Greek champions. Bouslie’s dismissal gave Panathinaikos the right to attack and even equalize at 3:33 with the goal of Yannis Tottis. The “red and whites” threatened quite a bit when Dimitris Mazis’ team maintained a conservative attitude in their game with the eight minutes ending in a draw 1-1.

Its launch second octave found Olympiakos initially threatening with Papanastasiou’s crossbar. The “red and white” lead came from Bouslier, while Filipovic made it 3-1 4:18 before the end of the half. The crescendo of Piraeus continued with Yiannis Fundoulis scoring 4-1. Genidounias at 2:36 raised the score to 5-1 for Igor Milanovic’s team. Dervisis was then sent off, resulting in Albertis reducing the score to 5-2 for Panathinaikos. Yiannis Fundoulis gave Olympiakos a four-goal lead again, making it 6-2, which was also the halftime score.

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Panathinaikos was the first to attack third quarter with Dermitzakis, however, Zerdevas made a save, while Kostas Mourikis then made the score 7-2 for Olympiakos. The “greens” missed a great opportunity to reduce to 7-3 at 6:03′ and Mourikis “punished” them by making it 8-2. Hatzigoulas shot and Zerdevas made a rare mistake for his class losing the ball for 8-3. However, Kostas Mourikis took the case and made it 9-3 by scoring his third goal in the final. The score remained “stuck” for quite some time in the third eight minutes, however Dinos Genidounias made it 10-3 almost a minute before the end of the period.

In the quarter of eight minutes it all started with Alexandros Papanastasiou getting his name on the scoreboard after 26 seconds, making it 11-3. Minutes passed and Igor Milanovic preferred to go to changes. Four minutes before the end, Dimos scored his first goal, making it 12-3 for Olympiacos, while in the next phase, Zerdevas made an impressive save on Albertis’ shot. In fact, in the match, the Olympiakos team reached +10 with Columbus making it 13-3. Two minutes before the end, the “red and white” with one more player scored another goal with the scorer Liantziris. Panathinaikos’ last goal in the final came with a penalty shot by Dimitris Sgouridis 1:44 before the end of the game, which made the final 14-4.

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The eight minutes: 1-1, 1-5, 1-4, 1-4.

Panathinaikos (Mazis): Ristisevics, Tzelatis, Kandanoleon, Deuterios, Tottis 1, Andzits, Sgouridis 1, Hatzigoulas, Dermitzakis, P. Siamas, Albertis, N. Siamas, Zervoudakis

Olympiacos (Milanovic): Zerdevas, Dimos 1, Grammatikos, Genidounias 3, Fundoulis 2, Gouvis, Dervisis, Bouslie 1, Mourikis 3, Kolombos 1, Filipovits 1, Papanastasiou 1, Damigos, Gillas, Liantziris 1.

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