Opinion – PVC: The Brazil of football plays in Europe


Flamengo’s failure in the Club World Cup contrasts with Brazil’s success in the tournament. Brazil is the only country with champion players in all official FIFA editions.

It will be again, because Real Madrid has Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo and Al Hilal has Michael.

It’s hard to hear Rodrygo say that he already imagined the defeat of the South American representative and the Saudi triumph, a statement different from what coach Carlo Ancelotti, President Ednaldo Rodrigues’ favorite, said in the CBF, to succeed Tite.

Ancelotti was world club champion directing Dida and Kaká, for Milan, Marcelo, for Real Madrid, and could triple the feat with the duo Rodrygo, born in Osasco (SP), and Vinicius Junior, in São Gonçalo (RJ).

It sounds like the lyrics of “Querelas do Brasil”, by Basque Aldir Blanc, sung by Elis Regina. He spoke in Madureira, Olaria and Bangu, with the verses “Brazil does not know Brazil” and “Do Brasil, SOS ao Brasil”.

Rodrygo sent his message by separating “us”, the Spaniards, and “them”, the Brazilians. He stated: “To be honest, we knew it would be difficult for Flamengo to pass. Everyone was betting on Al Hilal.”

The Brazil of football plays in Europe.

There is only one chance for that to change: to unite the clubs around the idea of ​​the League.

Forget, for a moment, the news of the separation of the 40 clubs from Serie A and Serie B into two entities. Forte Futebol, with 26 teams, signed a contract with the Serengeti investment fund, with a promise to sell 20% of Brasileiro, for R$ 4.85 billion. It’s not a lot of money, not a little, because this new championship doesn’t exist. It is still a work of fiction.

The signature was anticipated in this space a week ago and was confirmed on Monday (6). Libra, with 18 teams, will have a meeting on the 16th.

In the middle of the way, the possibility of starting individual negotiations for TV contracts, starting in March. If there are movements in that direction, Flamengo and Corinthians will be the first to be sought, as happened 13 years ago, in the rupture of the Clube dos 13.

The old structure was notary. No need. The need is to create a single league, with a business vision, that can leverage Brazilian football from a technical and, consequently, economic point of view.

England sold players to France in 1991. It bought Gianfranco Zola, from Parma, in 1996. With work and unity, reality can start to change in five years. The risk is to waste more time.

Leaders of big clubs think it’s possible to organize a new tournament with just their 14 affiliates, as if we were in the 1930s.

Eduardo José Farah invited journalists to his office, on Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, in downtown São Paulo, opened Thomaz Mazzoni’s book, “História do Futebol no Brasil” and said: “You talk about leagues, as if it were modernity, but these pages report that there were two champions. It was a huge mess”.

Prophet of the past, Farah seemed to foresee our present. There cannot be two leagues, and the possible scenario, of two blocs negotiating rights separately, would also be tragic.

Flamengo is the most powerful club in Latin America and loses to the champion of Asia. The World Cup ended with goals from three Croatian Championship players and only one from Libertadores. And the leaders separate into blocks.

In the world of football, contrary to the verses of the song by Aldir Blanc and Maurício Tapajós, Brazil does not deserve Brazil. That’s why Rodrygo and Vinicius Junior could be world champions, like Real Madrid stars.

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