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Hidalgo: “I have never experienced anything like this in 16 years of my career”


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His indignation at the sad events that took place at the Agios Thomas stadium, which led to the postponement of the derby between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos for the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup, was expressed by Salvador Hidalgo via instagram.

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The German star of the “Red Whites” stressed that the experience of the tear gas was horrible, while he went on to emphasize that he has never experienced anything like it before during his 16-year career.

Of course, he did not fail to wish good luck to those of the Panathinaikos fans who were injured during the clash with the police.

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In detail what Hidalgo wrote on Instagram:

“I hope everyone out there is doing well now. In my 16 years as a professional I have never experienced anything like this before. Volleyball is a beautiful sport. I always chose hate over love but this time everything was quite far from it. I really hope that the children, the old, the young, the women, the men, the players and everyone who was in the closed today is well.

Tear gas today’s experience, but after information I learned that many people were seriously injured. We are volleyball players but off the court we have families, we are fathers, sons, brothers, uncles and we are human beings we don’t want things like this to happen.

I wish a speedy recovery to all who were injured today. No more episodes. Let’s enjoy the beauty of sports.”

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