Rescued from cave in Thailand, died at football academy in Britain…


Can his adventure in the cave in Thailand 2018 had a happy ending, but fate had other plans for 17-year-old Duangphet Phromthep (or “Dom”) who breathed his last in Britain.

The teenager was one of 12 boys trapped for 17 days in a flooded cave, in their native Thailand. The successful rescue operation of the members of a youth football team and their coach had caused a worldwide sensation.

According to what has been made known by the British and Thai authorities, Dom he was found dead in his room at the football academy where he studied in Leicestershire, Britain.

The unfortunate boy was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The cause of his death has not been made known, although the 17-year-old was reportedly not facing any health problem.

The terrible story of the rescue

Dom was the captain of the 12-man Wild Boars football team, whose members were trapped with their coach in the Tham Luang cave in June 2018.

The children spent nine nights in the cave, with little food and water, while their coach – who was a former monk – had shown them breathing techniques to help them manage their hunger and thirst, as well as the lack of oxygen.

Finally, a diver spotted the group huddled on a small patch of land, surrounded by water. Immediately, an international rescue operation was organized with professional divers from all over the world, while the whole incident went viral worldwide.

It took another eight days (17 in total) to rescue all the boys and their coach.

The Wild Boars story has been made into a film by Ron Howard in 2022 and made into a documentary on Netflix.

In the years after the rescue, the boys grew up and followed separate paths: some continued their football careers (with more or less success), some left Thailand, one of them (the only boy who knew English and spoke with lifeguards) is studying in the USA. Their coach built his own football academy, which is famous in Thailand.

Source: The daily

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