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Nikologiannis: “Sporar and Ioannidis have 17/32 of Panathinaikos’ goals – He wants more from the midfielders”


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The performances of central of Panathinaikou in scoring and not in the strikers they are need improvementto increase his goals as well, as Tasos Nikologiannis pointed out in his “air” News Bulletin 247.

There has been a lot of talk since the start of the season about Panathinaikos’ forwards, because some believe that his problem is in the forwards. I searched and found that Panathinaikos has scored 32 goals this year. Of these, 17 have come from Sporar and Ioannidis. I’m not just talking about goals or assists, but more generally their involvement in a goal-scoring phase. In my opinion, he has taken enough and everything but the problem of Panathinaikos in scoring are the forwards. It has to do with his midfielders. Palacios has five, neither few nor many, while Verbitz only two, from the extremes. On the contrary, only Cherin is in the midfield. That’s where he has to focus in the summer, getting more goals from his midfielders. I think Kleinheisler, who shoots a lot, will help in this“, he said among other things.

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The station’s reporter emphasized that it is up to Jovanovic whether to take him Magnuson or not in sending the “greens” for the game against the Magnesia team.

At the same time, Nikologiannis noted that 11th of Panathinaikos in the match against Volos will have from… none to a maximum of two changes.

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Listen to the audio:

Source: Sport Fm

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