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Peristeri beat PAOK and sent AEK to the semi-finals too, bwin!


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Comfortable in the next phase Pigeon bwin!

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His team Vasilis Spanoulis he made an excellent appearance and defeated him PAOK with a score of 77-64, securing qualification to the semi-finals of the Cup, where they will face AEK for a place in the final (18/2, 15:45).

The Pigeon bwin after a mediocre first period he dominated through his excellent defensive function throughout the rest of the match, with PAOK never getting to the point of claiming victory. The 3 early fouls Riley had only worsened the situation for the Thessalonians, who bid farewell to the competition in this way.

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An excellent performance for the winners was made by Marcus Denmon, who scored 23 points and destroyed every defensive system of the “two-headed north”. Dimitris Moraitis (16 points) who played a very good first half, while especially crucial in the last part of the match was Miro Bilan with 8 points and 13 rebounds.

From PAOK, the only distinguished player was Jaylen Rileywho had 19 points, while a very good effort was also made by Nate Renfro with 13 points, 6 rebounds and 5 blocks.

The match

THE PAOK entered the match better and took advantage of Peristeri’s miss to escape with two three-pointers Riley with +6 (2-8), before o Renfro write the 2-10. The home side typically continued to struggle, with Riley hitting his third shot from 6.75 for 4-13. The Pigeon bwin began to find rhythm with its pioneer Moraitiswho scored 9 points in a few minutes and with his help Hummer put the western suburbs team ahead 17-15 in the first period.

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Peristeri entered the second quarter better with him Hummer and Moraitis to continue their excellent game escaped with +6 (23-17). THE Denmon with a three-pointer he made it 26-17, but PAOK responded with Margaritis and Renfro, reducing the score to 4 (26-22). The bwin Pigeon, however, had an answer again, with the Denmon scoring another 7 straight points for 35-25. The first half ended with a score of 38-29.

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PAOK with the “good morning” of the second half reduced to 38-31, with Denmon to pick up where he left off for 41-31. The difference went up to +13 (44-31), with PAOK thanks to Renfro and Riley reducing it to 44-36. THE Denmon he was unstoppable and made it 46-36. Every attempt by PAOK to reduce was met with a “wall”, as the Moraitis again he answered with a three-pointer (51-41). The third period ended with a score of 53-43.

Things got even worse for PAOK early in the fourth period, with Coleman signing his +13 Pigeon bwin (60-47). Margaritis made it 60-50 with a three-pointer, but Francisco made it 62-50. PAOK again made a reaction with him Margaretreducing to 62-54, but the Bilan he made it 64-54 and later 68-55, essentially putting an early end to the match.

The quarters: 17-15, 38-29, 53-43, 77-64

Detailed match statistics here

Source: Sport Fm

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