Messino of Palmeira went on Ronaldo’s diet: “I thought I was going to die”!


THE Gabriel Menino her Palmeiras revealed through an interview on the team’s channel, his experience of the demanding Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet!

The 22-year-old Brazilian full-back of the team coached by Abel Ferreira said that felt like he was going to… die, whereas, he couldn’t even run on the pitch!

“I was at my weight but I wanted a change. I spoke to the Palmeiras nutritionist and told him I wanted to follow Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet.”the young defender initially reported, then explained what the specific diet was.

“The diet was, an egg and nutritional supplement in the morning. Before training nutritional supplement and for lunch was fish with salad. For the afternoon it was again a supplement and for dinner it was again grilled with salad. Finally, before I went to sleep, he had a nutritional supplement again.”

On how he felt about the Portuguese superstar’s diet, Menino said: “I just started the diet, the next day both backs were injured and I had to play. In the warm-up of the race I couldn’t stand it at all, I thought I was going to die! Five minutes after the cross I couldn’t run, I had to come on as a substitute”!

Source: Sport Fm

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