Olympiacos-Maccabi Tel Aviv: Takes two sets and writes history again in the packed SEF


A fiesta night at SEF for Olympiakos! The “red and white” face tonight (20:00, Cosmote Sport 8, News Bulletin 247) Maccabi Tel Aviv in the second leg 3-0 in Israel and need just two sets to win the third European trophy in their history!

The team of Piraeus, is in an excellent situation counting consecutive victories in Greece and Europe and wants to celebrate with its people its return to the top of a European competition. SEF is expected to be crowded by friends of Olympiakos, with the team having carried out the last training sessions without any problems at the indoor stadium of Neos Faliros.

Alberto Giuliani’s team got this far, knocking out Komarno, Burgas, Steaua Bucharest and Panathinaikos in order with a legendary upset.

In the previous two finals won by Olympiacos, they faced Germany’s Bayer Wuppertal for the CEV Cup in 1996 and the Dutch Ortek in 2005 for the Top Teams Cup. Among others, the lost finals of the “red and white” were those from the Italian Ravenna in 1992 and 2018, the Italian Cuneo in 1997 and 1998 and Macerata in 2002.

They spoke about the big night on the club’s official website Dimitris Tziavras and Raphael Koumentakis.

The Greek libero said: “We’re coming up on a really big game. The big time is coming. The anticipation we all have for this match is huge. We have made a very good and difficult effort since the beginning of this season. The team has played a lot of matches, in all competitions, through which we gained consistency and stability in our performance, but we also showed character. We showed the character of the team so far in the big games. On Wednesday, we will experience, as everything shows, something unprecedented for us at SEF, due to the large field. Thank you to the people who showed their thirst for this trophy and their love for the team by selling out all the tickets instantly. We are determined and ready to successfully complete this year’s Challenge Cup effort. We are now working in training, getting to know the opponent better and more targeted. We have enough time to prepare as best as possible. We are ready to live big moments on Wednesday, together with our world and make history”

In turn, the international winger underlined: “We are two days before the final. It is a crucial game, we have come very close and we want to get a big goal, the first big goal of the season. We can’t wait, it makes sense. We are preparing in the last few hours as best we can and analyzing as much as we can for Maccabi. We are happy. The world is on our side, this gives us strength to present ourselves as best as possible. I hope that we will be able, that we will also have luck, because luck is always needed and that we will celebrate, together with our fans, a great title. We are very happy to claim the title in a stadium where Olympiakos volleyball has made history. On the pitch, where the team has won two European trophies in the past”

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