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City dropped seven and Guardiola was thinking about… Julia Roberts


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He can usually be completely serious, but when o Pep Guardiola relaxing, it’s… enjoyable!

The Catalan coach was clearly in the mood for fun after her seven-pointer Manchester City at Leipzighumorously commenting on both his own negative streak at Champions Leagueas well as the… disappointment caused by an incident involving the famous actress Julia Roberts.

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In detail what he said:

“In the Champions League I am a failure. Even if I master it three times in a row I will be a failure. I have three idols in my life: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Julia Roberts,” the Catalan initially stated.

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Julia Roberts came to Manchester some years ago. Not when Sir Alex “reigned”, but when we were better than United. And yet he went to see United, he didn’t come to us. For that reason, even winning the Champions League cannot be compared to the fact that Julia Roberts came to Manchester but did not come to see us. It cannot be compared to the disappointment I felt”

Source: Sport Fm

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