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Christodoulopoulos: “We can come out of the playoffs very successful”


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Lazaros Christodoulopoulos characterized the playoff process and the game against PAOK as a great opportunity to change the whole season for Aris.

“It’s a derby in which, anyone who lives in the city knows that time stops a little and everyone is involved in it. Personally, I go to the derby in a very good mood. I think it’s a match that can turn the season around. The playoffs are also starting, which are very important for us. We feel good and I think we all understand that we can come out of this playoff process with a lot of wins.”the ace of the yellows told Nova and added:

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“I know that both teams work hard and regularly on the pitch and analyze the details. My personal opinion is that the match will go a lot on runs and dynamism and second balls. I expect a very strong match that will give the viewer the opportunity to see a very dynamic game and will enjoy it. Personally as a footballer, the details will be who wants it the most. Sometimes we say this as a cliché, but it counts for a lot. I’m optimistic, we feel good, I can see it in the children too, we try to convey a little to those who don’t know the atmosphere, what to expect and how much they have to gain from such a game”.

Then Lazaros Christodoulopoulos referred to his own playing situation…

“For me, every day that passes is a gain, I find a better rhythm, I press better in training, I wait for the games, I wait for the minutes of participation. I think that I too, in my own matter, lack a detail that will unblock me which did not come in the previous games and it is a bit of a goal for me to give what I know”he emphasized and concluded for Aris’ goal in the playoffs.

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“I like to look up so if I’m going to talk about Aris goal in the play offs, we want to hit all the games and why not win this mini tournament. I’m not saying it because I don’t believe it, that I want to trick some people, I’m saying it because I really believe it, I’m saying it because I really want it and I think that’s the kind of team we’re in that should look up”concluded.

Source: Sport Fm

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