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Lieutenant General Lazaros Mavropoulos is appointed as the new Chief of the Greek Police, by unanimous decision of the KYSEA.

The outgoing Chief, Lieutenant General Konstantinos Koumas, who is promoted to the rank of retired General, is awarded the title of Honorary Chief of the Hellenic Police.

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In the announcement of the government, it is emphasized that the appointment of the new leader of ELAS aims to improve and more positively and effectively implement the modern operational plans of the Hellenic Police for the safety of citizens.

See the CV of the new Head of the Hellenic Republic:

He comes from Granite Drama and was born in the year 1963. In 1985 he was admitted to the School of Constables of the Hellenic Police, in the year 1989 he was admitted to the School of Chief Constables of the Greek Police, while in the year 1990 he was admitted to the School of Officers of the Hellenic Police, where he graduated in the year 1993. year 2006 he graduated from the Department of Professional Continuing Education of Executive Officers of the Police Academy, with an excellent grade. He is a graduate of the Higher Interdisciplinary School of War (A.D.I.S.P.O.), as well as the School of National Security, with an excellent grade. He attended the Police Officer Training School in 2014.

He holds study certificates from the Open University of the Municipality of Thessaloniki in the following subjects: “Administration and Economy”, “Medicine – Biology – Psychology – Drugs – AIDS”, “Basic Principles of Legal Science”, “Theology”, “Environment and Ecology” and “History – Archeology – Art”.

He successfully participated in a series of training seminars at the National Center for Public Administration, regarding the legality of administrative action, the administration of public services, the administration of human factors, modern public administration (directions and perspectives), effective communication for open and transparent public administration and the implementation of ex officio search for supporting documents in the public administration.

He attended various conferences in order to specialize in operational planning, Business Management and Organization, Crisis Management, Child Abuse, Animal Abuse. In addition, he was trained in critical incident management.

He served for a number of years in positions of responsibility as Commander in a number of Police Departments and Sub-Directorates of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, but also as Director of the Police Sub-Directorate. International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, as well as President of the Primary and Secondary Disciplinary Council of Northern Greece of the Hellenic Police.

In January 2017 he was appointed with the rank of Brigadier General as Director of the Thessaloniki Police Department, while in July 2019 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and appointed as General Police Director of Thessaloniki.

On 31/03/2022 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and appointed to the position of Chief of Staff of the Hellenic Police Headquarters.

During his tenure, he has been honored for his service performance by the Greek State with the awards of “Commissioner of the Order of Honor” and “Senior Commodore of the Order of the Phoenix”. He has been awarded the medals “Police Merit 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class”, as well as the Commemorations “Memorandum of Merit and Honor 1st after the corresponding Star, 2nd & 3rd Class”, “Eudokimus Diokises 1st and 2nd” Class”, “Successful First Class Staff Service” and a number of moral rewards.

He is married and the father of one child.