Masouras: “We will give our soul to qualify for the finals”


Statements after the away victory of our national team against Gibraltar was made by George Masouraswho opened the way with the goal he scored in the 11th minute of the match.

The Olympiakos winger emphasized that he and his teammates will give their souls for the qualification to the finals of EURO 2024, while he made a special reference to the good atmosphere that prevails in the ranks of the team.

In detail what the scorer of the first goal of our national team said in the match against Gibraltar:

About the start of the National team and its goal in these qualifiers: “We are still at the beginning, there is still a long way to go. We have taken a very important step. We look one by one at the steps we take to reach our goal which is none other than the final ones.

In these games you have a lot to lose and, in quotes, nothing to gain. It’s just three points that help us for our goal, the final ones through our group. We will give everything. We first of all want to be in the finals. We will also give our soul. There are definitely strong teams, we have continued progress and this will get us to where we want to be”.

About the atmosphere in the team: “The good climate is due to a combination of factors. There are personalities and very good guys in the team. We keep this climate as the apple of our eye. We continue to work, of course, because we have seen examples in the past when we set out to do something good, but in the end we spoil it. We keep going and we won’t let anything or anyone get in our way.”.

On the tragedy of Tempe: “First of all, I want to express my condolences to the families of the lost children. All of us must do a lot of self-criticism as people, as a people. To intensify our criticism of society and succeed in making our country better, this is what we deserve”.

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