Baltakos: “We came close to an agreement, but it broke at the last minute – Tomorrow at UEFA and for elites”!

Baltakos: “We came close to an agreement, but it broke at the last minute – Tomorrow at UEFA and for elites”!

At the last moment, the agreement between the “greats” of Greek football allegedly broke down! According to the president of the EPO, Taki BaltakoPanathinaikos, Olympiacos, AEK, PAOK, Aris and Volos, were close to “shaking hands”, but nothing like that happened.

Takis Baltakos’ statements in detail:

“We came close to an agreement, it’s true, but that agreement broke down at the last minute, indeed! However, it does not mean that, because no agreement was reached, the EPO will not respect its institutional role and will not do what it shouldso that in the next 9 matches we have the referees that we must have, i.e. elite or A’ category referees, so that the championship ends as smoothly as possible and the best wins the title”.

Why were there no good referees during this period: “Bennett has explained it all and the speakers have told you. What I’m telling you is that the KED according to Mr. Bennett has done everything it can to bring in elite or first-class referees and will continue to do so.”

Regarding the accusation that he nominated himself as a referee for Olympiacos-PAOK: “Because this concerns teams and involves two teams, PAOK and Olympiacos, I will not take a position. Bennett told us there is already an investigation by UEFA. I will not take a position on something that is under investigation.”

As to whether there was tension: “There was tension. I do not think that in some of the previous meetings held in the same context there was not. Because you know this year’s championship is the most competitive, of all we have experienced. I don’t remember four teams together. So the tension is expected and normal.”

On whether the championship will end: “Of course the championship will end.”

Why he doesn’t want to go into arbitration, having done it in the past: “I didn’t understand the question, what have I done in the past.”

As to whether he has also given instructions to Unions: “I haven’t spoken to Unions.”

Finally, he emphasized: “Tomorrow I have an appointment in Geneva with UEFA for another reason and I will definitely raise the issue so that help can be given and elite or first class referees can come.”

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