Fury-Usyk can’t happen – The reason the deal broke


Not even now will there be…A. The boxer who will bring all the belts to the heavyweight division.

As it was officially announced Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk they did not come to an agreement on the remaining details for the finalization of the match between them to be signed, with the result that it is finally canceled and the federations are also informed about this negative development.

As stated on his part Ukrainian boxer, the reason why no final agreement was finally reached is the fact that Fury’s side insisted on putting a stipulation in the contracts for a mandatory rematchwithout any further clarifications though whether this condition would only be met if the British knew defeat.

So it looks like Fury is already looking for a new opponent to play as he has to in order to keep the belts he holds.

Despite this negative development, however, there are also some who give some chances that a match between the two will eventually take place, but later in the year. They point out, of course, that this could only be done if the information that the only reason for the cancellation of the agreement was the realization of a rematch is true.

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