Ligue 1: “Yes” from the public authorities of France for the use of smoke generators in the stadiums


Their approval of the use of smoke generators in its stadiums Ligue 1 and her Ligue 2 issued by decree by the public authorities of France.

Specifically, on Wednesday (29/03) her government of France made the said decision officially as an experiment, to validate the use of smoke generators in the stands of all professional leagues in the country.

The decree published in the Official Journal of the Republic, the Ministry of Sports and Olympic and Paralympic Games allows the use of smoke detectors until 2026, while teams will be able to apply to the local prefect for a portion of fans to be allowed to use fireworks devices in the stadiums. For this to happen, the relevant application should be submitted one month before the sporting event.

The decree lays down the conditions for the implementation of an experiment, for a period of three years, with the aim of enabling professional sports clubs, in close cooperation with fan associations and with the agreement of local authorities, to organize pyrotechnic shows that take place by followers in a pre-defined, supervised and secure context”, states the decree according to the website, Legifrance.

The authorities of France proceeded with this move in order to eliminate as much as possible the illegal and unsecured use of pyrotechnic objects in the stands of the country’s stadiums.

Edited by: Christos Lois

Source: Sport Fm

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