Beos: “There is no football in Greece – With a foreign referee we would not lose to Olympiakos”

Beos: “There is no football in Greece – With a foreign referee we would not lose to Olympiakos”

His belief that Volos could even not lose to Olympiakos in the premiere of its playoffs Stoiximan Super League since there was a foreign referee in the match, he expressed speaking to a television network of Thessaly Achilles Beos.

At the same time, the owner of the Magnesia team referred to the issue of foreign referees, but also to what happened in the meeting with Bennett, Baltakowhile he pointed out that there is no football in Greece…

In detail what he said to Formedia TV:

“Unfortunately, there is no football in Greece. All of us who love this place are doing it wrong. It is a sick situation, with chronic pathologies, which unfortunately continue, because the mentality is to take the championship and however we take it.

Not that the one who really deserves it becomes champion. Therefore, it is unfortunate what happened at the meeting of the representatives of the Super League teams participating in the playoffs, with Mr. Bennett and Mr. Baltako, regarding the refereeing, but also what happens to the rest of the playoffs of.

I doubt if any of them know what they want. I am completely disappointed. Many of these things do not touch me and do not satisfy me. Let us hope that there will be rapid developments in the field of professional football with the intervention of the government, whichever one will emerge, without counting political costs. To put football in other structures”he initially reported.

For the wish he made that we have no blood: “When you closely follow the developments and how everyone is positioned, it is reasonable to be concerned. I really hope there are no extreme situations. Unfortunately, some people perceive football differently. Especially those who are in things and especially in institutions, should have the ability to rise to the occasion and come into conflict with established and chronic perceptions.

Right now there are no such people and therefore we will have the same things throughout the playoffs. You also see what is happening in Super League 2. It is really very sad… I believe that this year’s league is the most competitive in recent years and there is a lot of interest from everyone. I was hoping we could change some things. Unfortunately, there are other perceptions and what I experienced and saw disappointed me.”

Regarding PAE Volos’ constant request to ask for foreign referees in its games for the playoffs, even if it agreed with the decision to have Greek referees whistle: “No, I’m not compromising, because simply if it was a foreign referee in the match against Olympiakos, the team wouldn’t lose. Not in the sense that Olympiacos did not win fairly. For God’s sake. Nor is Olympiacos responsible for this. However, when in the 4th minute Ozegovic steals the ball from Papastathopoulos in a clear claim and the referee whistles for an offensive foul, if there was a foreign referee he would not have whistled it.

The player went one-on-one with the goalkeeper and it could have been 1-0. In the very next phase, a foul was committed, which only he saw, because Fortounis fell down. Gives the foul from which Olympiakos’ first goal came. Football relies on details for or against. These details are always in favor of the powerful, because this is how these referees were raised. Some were blackmailed at some point to become international, as they did. This, unfortunately, is the state of Greek football.”

Source: Sport Fm

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