Bozikas: “There is no team in the Euroleague that wants to face us”


Statements after the comfortable victory of Olympiakos against Villeurbanne for the 31st matchday of the Euroleague, made by the direct partner of Barzokas, George Bozikas.

After referring to the game against the French, he spoke about the home advantage secured by the “red and whites” ahead of the playoffs and about the upcoming derby with Panathinaikos, while he closed by saying that no Euroleague team would want to face Olympiacos.

In detail what he said:

“We played a very serious game defensively, we pressed the ball, we led to mistakes and difficult shots by Villeurbanne. In attack we started with passion and speed, we moved the ball well in the first period and found a rhythm. It was only in the second quarter that we missed some free throws and there was some tension at halftime, but I think in the second half we showed that we took the game seriously.”.

For home advantage and the upcoming derby with Panathinaikos: “The entire organization should be congratulated for home field advantage in the playoffs. We all worked as a team and it is very important that in this very difficult Euroleague we showed stability throughout the year. With Panathinaikos, the stadium will be full and we want to maintain the good momentum we have. The worst thing we could do now is relax. At this moment we have to increase our pace so that we are ready for the difficult games of the playoffs”.

On whether Olympiacos will choose an opponent ahead of the playoffs: “History has shown that the only way to win titles is to beat the best. We do not fear or want to avoid any opponent, our team has earned respect with their performances. We always want to play the best and beat them. Whoever comes, we will face him, having faith that we will succeed. There is no team in the Euroleague that wants to face us. We have a very strong home base and away from home we have many victories. When we are good there is no team that can beat us. All we have to do now is to play the rest of the games as finals, even though they are indifferent in terms of points, to prepare properly for the next one.”.

Source: Sport Fm

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