Nikologiannis: “Panathinaikos and Volos have a big ‘must’ – The possible line-up”


The latest news from his “camp”. Panathinaikou ahead of tomorrow’s (02/04, 18:00) home match against Bullet on the Avenue, aired News Bulletin 247 o Tasos Nikologiannis.

The reporter of the “greens”, after first standing on the 19th anniversary of his loss Yannis Kyrastas, stressing that today is a day of remembrance in the club, he then referred to possible lineup which Ivan Jovanovic is expected to line up tomorrow.

Specifically, he stated that in eleven there will be Brignoli at home, Kotsiras, Senkefeld, Magnuson and Juancar in defense, with Perez, Cerin in the midfield and Bernard, Palacios, Mancini and Ioannidis in the offensive line.

As for his participation Kurbeliemphasized that he thinks he will stay on the bench and only compete if necessary, since difficult games are coming, while o Sporar he is ready for battle and is expected to get minutes of participation.

Finally, he settled on the big one “must” of tomorrow’s match, as he pointed out: “It is forbidden to lose points with Volos, maybe tomorrow’s game should not have any other match until the end of the season.”

Listen to the relevant audio excerpt:

Source: Sport Fm

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