The government of Ukraine has ordered from Poland one hundred KTO Rosomak wheeled armored fighting vehicles (WAMVs).

The agreement for the sale of the vehicles was announced by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during his visit yesterday Saturday to the facility where Rosomak is produced, in Semianovice Słanské (south). He clarified that he received the order personally from his Ukrainian counterpart Denis Smyhal.

The Rosomak (“Glutton” in Polish) is a 22-tonne wheeled armored fighting/personnel transport vehicle with space for the driver, gunner, crew chief and eight soldiers. It carries a 30mm automatic cannon. Its design was based on the Finnish Patria AMV multi-role vehicle.

Their purchase from Ukraine will be financed partly directly with EU funds and partly with funds that the US has made available to Kiev.

Mr Morawiecki, a right-wing nationalist, said the order showed “the powerful arms industry is growing” in Poland. He added that negotiations are underway to sell Rosomak to Slovenia and Saudi Arabia, among others.

The facility in Seminovice Slanske currently has the capacity to produce 100 such vehicles annually, but Mr Morawiecki said there were discussions to double its production capacity.