Fearless… The PAS in Peristeri is in tatters and standing!


THE PAS Ioannina not bent by him Fearless and he did… sefte da playouts.

The hosts were superior, they had two goals at the end and the Epirotes beat Tsintotas on a very good day, but luck was also on their side, leaving with 1-1 from Peristeri, getting their first point in the mini league.

THE Agibu Kamara opened the scoring in the 7th minute with a long shot and the visitors equalized in the 27th minute with a long shot Pamlidis, after a mistake by Ender. In the 87th minute, after a clumsy pursuit by PAS, the ball ended up in the crossbar of Tsintotas, while the same thing happened in the 90th + 4th minute with a cross-shot by Romay.

In the minds of the coaches:

With 4-3-3 Coleman ordered Fearless. Gianniotis was in goal, Keshrida, Mavrommatis, Hatziisaias and De Bock the four in defense, with Gonzales, Kuen and Kamara in the center. Klonaridis, Robai and Kotsopoulos the attacking trio.

With 4-2-3-1 Staikos ordered PAS Ioannina. Tsintotas in goal, Tsavos, Eramouspe, Bortagarai and Pelios were in defense, Gino and Liasso in the midfield, while Rosero, Tzimas and Pamlidis were the trio behind Stamatelopoulos.

The match

PAS Ioannina needed the victory more and from their side came the first organized attack, with Rossero stepping into the area in the 4th minute, taking advantage of his speed, but he was cut off by the defense of Atromitos. The hosts, on the contrary, in their maiden visit to the opposing area, were lucky to find the goal. In the 7th minute, Klonaridis played vertically, Kotsopoulos just found the ball, which ended up in Aggibou Kamaras, who beat Tsintotas with a long shot from inside the area.

Peristeriotes got a boost from the goal and had a good period, in which they chased the 2-0. In the 10th minute, in a similar phase to Agibu, Robaye sent the ball over Tsintota, while in the 14th minute there was a dangerous counterattack with Agibuo, but Robaye made a harmless cross. Around the 20th minute, PAS Ioannina started to find its footing and come forward. In the 22nd minute, Tzimas and Stamatelopoulos worked well together, but Mavrommatis read the situation and made a save at the last moment.

Epirotes found the equalizer in the 27th minute. Ender “sold” the ball cheaply just outside the area, the Atromitos defense was confused, as a result of which Tzimas and Pamlidis took advantage, with the latter coming face to face with Gianniotis, who he beat with a deep shot. PAS’s next good moment, and one of its few in the second half, happened in the 36th minute, when it could have done the damage with Gino’s header, which was on Gianniotis.

Atromitos revved up in the final stretch of the first part and took three finals. With Klonaridis being the protagonist in both. In the 40th minute he caught a shot with his left that Tsintotas deflected for a corner, while in the 45th minute + 1 minute he missed with a strong shot. In between, De Bok threatened with a shot after a corner.

The first good moment in the second half came in the 49th minute, with Kuen committing a free kick and Chintota driving away for a corner. In the 51st minute, PAS could have turned the tide of the match, as they went on the counterattack, Rosero persisted and kept possession, before turning for Pamlidis, who was cut off at the last moment by Keshrida.

Atromitos almost found a goal out of nowhere in the 57th minute, when Stamatelopoulos made a clumsy backhand turn and Tsintotas made an impressive save. Atromitos took a long time to find a phase in the normal flow of the match in the second half and it happened in the 72nd minute with Robai finding Klonaridis who essentially “chaffed” a one-piece shot from a good position.

Atromitos touched twice to make it 2-1 in the final minutes, with the ball ending up on the post in the 87th minute after a bad chase by the opposing defense in a static phase. At 90’+4′, Romay made a cross-shot from the right and the ball ended up on Tsintota’s post.

The film of the match via sport-fm.gr

MVP: Tsintotas. Despite his superiority, Atromitos did not bend PAS Ioannina, who owes a lot to the experienced goalkeeper for his maiden point in the playouts. Data the most decisive player in Peristeri’s 1-1 draw.

Whistle: Gorcilla’s refereeing in this particular match went almost unnoticed. The six cards he showed in the match were justified.

Fearless (Chris Coleman 4-3-3): Gianniotis – Keshrinda, Mavrommatis, Hatziisaias, De Bock – Gonzalez, Kuen (81′ Fridjonsson), Kamara- Klonaridis (74′ Tzovaras), Robay, Kotsopoulos (73′ Kiartansson)

PAS Ioannina (Thanasis Staikos 4-2-3-1): Tsintotas-Tsavos (52′ Bakadimas), Eramouspe, Bortagarai, Pelios- Gino, Liassos- Rosero (64′ Nini), Tzimas, Pamlidis (80′ Balan)-Stmatelopoulos (80′ Moreira)

Source: Sport Fm

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