PAOK comfortably passed Patras and secured home advantage!


He secured 4th place and the advantage home ahead of the Basket League playoffs o PAOKwho won comfortably by a score 88-65 of Apollo in Patras and finished with a record of 13-9, defeating Prometheus in a draw!

The Thessalonians dominated from the beginning of the match and having as their main protagonists Renfro (18p.) and Franke (17p.), they reached their 13th pink card of the season.

Let’s remember that PAOK is favored in a three-way tie with Promethea and AEK and in a double tie with Union, but not in such a tie with Yannis Christopoulos’ team.

For the Patrinos who have “saved” the year, finishing in 11th place with a record 5-17 Mack stood out with 16 points.

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The match:

The start of the match was excellent for him PAOK, who led 13-5 at the five-minute mark thanks to 3-pointers by Riley and Siebert. The excellent offensive function of the guests, combined with their good and pressing defense brought them to a double-digit difference, closing the first quarter at +12 and 25-13.

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In fact, consecutive baskets by Franke and Renfro at the beginning of the second period brought the “Northern Doubleheader” to the top for the first time. +16 (13-29). Apollo’s reaction may have been delayed, but it came from the middle of the decade onwards, with the Patrinos gradually “gnawing away” at the difference and with Mak and Silas being the protagonists, they somewhat reduced the difference for the 45-34 of half time.

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The scene is similar in second half, with the team of Fotis Takianos dominating under the two baskets, steadily maintaining the difference in double digits. In fact, an outbreak towards the end of the third quarter with an impressive 11-0 run, PAOK shot the difference to +21 (49-70) in the 28th minute, with Griffin and Mack reducing for the Patrinos for 72-56 of the period.

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Understandably, the last period was… of a procedural nature, with PAOK not throwing any “turns”, and thanks to a partial score of 16-9 in the fourth quarter, they won with the final 88-65.

The quarters: 13-25, 34-45, 56-72, 65-88.

Source: Sport Fm

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