Dimatos: “The final must take place immediately, a risk for the preparation of the teams in view of Europe”


The need to immediately make a decision on where and when the final of this year’s Novibet Hellenic Cup will be held was emphasized by the former communication manager of PAE AEK through a post on Social Media. Andreas Dimatos.

As he mentioned, the winner of the final will also determine our country’s European tickets, for this reason it is very important to choose the date of its holding as soon as possible, since it directly affects the preparation of the teams ahead of the new season.

In detail what he mentioned in his post:

“The objections that have already existed from the PAOK camp, in the first phase, regarding the definition of when (mostly) but also where of the final of the Greek Cup are completely reasonable.

When we will know, after the champion and the final ranking of the playoffs, and the Greek cup winner is not so much about when the season will end and planning for the current season, but much more about preparing for the next one!

Logic says that the result of the final will not only concern the two finalists, but in terms of European tickets it will also concern a third team out of a total of five that will represent us next year in Europe. And we are certainly not talking about the European competition in which they will participate, but when they will start in Europe, which is the decisive element for their planning ahead of the next season with the time margins not being so comfortable.

After all, the planning of our five Europeans will be one of the most decisive elements in order not to have the same failures in the qualifying rounds for the third summer in a row. We do not have this luxury, with our country now in serious danger of being even outside the European top-20 in the UEFA rankings. If, of course, this also concerns our clubs, but also the leadership of Greek football…

The only case in which the final of the Greek Cup will not play the slightest role in the European tickets for the new season is if AEK and PAOK claim the Cup having finished in the top two of the playoff standings.

In this case, the final can also take place in… August, in whichever stadium it ends up being! Whichever of the two is the champion will play in the qualifier of the Champions path, the second in the qualifier of the Champions League of the League path, the third in the play-offs will have, regardless of the final, the Europa League ticket (which under conditions can lead them directly to the play-offs of), the fourth with the fifth of the playoffs in the second qualifier of the Conference and the sixth… his home.

The same will apply if the two Greek Cup finalists finish in the top three of the playoff standings…

But if, on the contrary, the final finds the teams with the current playoff standings (so as not to create scenarios), then its outcome will determine when the finalist PAOK, as well as the current third in the standings, will start in Europe. Olympiacos playoffs!

In this eventuality, if AEK wins the Cup, Olympiacos will get the preferential ticket for Europa with a possible starting date of its European obligations on August 10th or even August 24th (it will depend on this year’s Conference holder) and PAOK will will start in the Conference with the first match on July 27, while if PAOK is the 2023 Greek Cup winner, the exact opposite will apply…

One can easily understand that the final of the Greek Cup can decide for two or three teams the timing of the start of the preparation not with a few days difference but with the first official European match of the next season with a difference of 15 days or even a month.. .

Anyway, this is also a serious reason for there to be final decisions regarding the definition of the Greek Cup final. If he is not the most serious…”.

Source: Sport Fm

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