Blockade of the EOE at the meeting for the concession of OAKA to Panathinaikos!


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The EOE announcement in detail:

“The Plenary of the Hellenic Olympic Committee held an extraordinary meeting on Monday, May 1st with a single item on the agenda, the upcoming discussion at the OAKA Board of Directors on Tuesday, May 2nd, of the concession contract of the indoor basketball gym of the Olympic Stadium to Panathinaikos.

The EOE unanimously decided to file injunctive measures in order not to hold the meeting of May 2, which has as its topic of discussion the specific contract, as its content differs to a large extent from the law passed in May 2022 for the concession of the closed gym .

It will also examine all possible reactions, always within the framework of legality, in order not to “dislodge” amateur sports and national teams from the OAKA, which has been created in an area owned by the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

Subsequently, the Plenary authorized its two members on the OAKA Board of Directors to request a postponement of the discussion, because the contract does not cover either the law, or what was agreed at the meeting held on May 17, 2022, with all parties involved, including the KAE Panathinaikos, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Sports Lefteris Avgenakis.

The standing position of the EOE is that it agrees with the exploitation of the sports facilities in order for them to be better maintained, to remain functional and to serve the needs of Greek sports to the maximum extent possible.

In this context, it is in agreement with the granting of the indoor stadium “Nikos Galis” as well as training facilities to Panathinaikos, on the condition that the amateur sports that have been hosted there for many years and do not have other training areas are not evicted from their own area.

The EOE also recalls the commitment of the State, through the mouth of the Deputy Minister of Sports Lefteris Avgenakis, for the construction of a multi-purpose indoor gymnasium at the junction of Spirou Loui and Kymi streets, to which fencing and the other sports that have a roof at the Olympic Sports Center will be transferred Athens.

However, until the completion of the specific indoor gymnasium – for the construction of which no action has been taken so far as agreed – it is not possible to evict amateur sports.

The Hellenic Olympic Committee reiterates once again that it considers it self-evident and self-righteous that clubs with a great history and contribution to the country should have their own sports facilities. However, this should not happen by leaving amateur sports and the athletes who try every day under adverse conditions, to train and exercise to make all Greeks proud!”

Source: Sport Fm

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