S.F. PAS Ioannina: “Our city will not become a rodeo and will not accommodate murderers”!


With a long announcement, Mr S.F. PAS Ioannina took the stand for the murderous Earthquake ambush on April 7 in which a fan was seriously injured!

As he explains in the announcement, before there was any position, on the one hand, things had to get better with the health of the fan, who was injured, and on the other hand that no one be allowed to retaliate. And as it is characteristically emphasized: “…every voice, choked by the sense of injustice and talking about revenge, was no different from the would-be assassins who attacked Demetrius and his company. We never wanted to be like them»!

The announcement of S.F. PAS Ioannina:

PAS GIANNINA – The Heart of the City

Regarding the events of April 7 and what followed

After Alkis was killed and after we got over the numbness and the frostbite, we all found ourselves in a position to want to make the change we’d all been talking about from time to time.

Self-criticism, and facing our own pathologies, was first on the agenda of the discussions. Coming out with courage, and saying everything that was “eating” at us, was one of our difficulties. Nevertheless, and after endless discussions, strong ferments and mental fortitude, we showed up, with our huge banner, and asked for a big and sincere “sorry”. This apology was heard from Evros to Crete and from Ioannina to Charilaou. And it was an apology that we uttered collectively and collectively. “Let’s be the change we want”, we said to each other at the time, and we understood that collective decisions and public statements must be seriously and truly accompanied by corresponding actions.

Even when all the M.M.E. articles were devoted to us praising our movement, we understood that the “burden” of responsibility was growing, and that all of us should show the required seriousness. In a fan scene that for years has been oriented from the concrete to the adjacent concrete, and from the sidewalk to the opposite sidewalk, we decided to turn our compasses so that they point from the concrete of our stand to the grass. Countless our banners, our events, our fiestas, our voices to fulfill this purpose, to truly become an example of change.

We grew up in Ioannina. In this city we live, move around, fall in love, work and strive. In this city, with our good and bad, with our right and with our mistakes, we managed to have the world look at us and say “The children of PAS GIANNINA”, “The children of our team”, “The children of our city”. We managed to create traffic jams on our link road, whenever our sense of solidarity led us to collect help for anyone who needed it. We managed to put smiles on the faces of children in hospitals and institutions with our visits. We managed to beautify our city, and imbue it with the values ​​and principles of Dignity and Respect, which are statutory principles of our relationship with our team, but also of the way our Association operates.

At times, many of our moves were deliberately misinterpreted. Many of our moves were interpreted by some – whose name we do not want to mention – as “recruitment”. We want to assure everyone that all our actions were done with selflessness and love. First of all because NO ONE in our city needed “recruitment” to become PAS Ioannina. All of us, from small children, crossed the threshold of the stadium, with a t-shirt and a scarf and of course with an older person holding our hand. And secondarily because EVERYONE in our city can always hear our voices from the stadium, smell the smoke from our torches, admire our paintings and creativity unfolding in the city, watch the marches from the balcony accompanied by our group, and of course on their walks, to listen to the music from our festivals.

On the other hand, ALL the people of Ioannina know what is going on outside. They don’t need to search on YouTube, but neither can someone be found to convey, explain and nurture them about the “terrible” amount they are having in Piraeus, in Toumba, in Philadelphia, in Leoforos; how much they “fuck”; the amount that “counts” if you open the head of a “non-religionist”; how much the “magic” increases according to the amount of big knife you carry; how “floral” what they do in Ioannina. ALL the people of Ioannina know, that for all of them – and especially for their local supporters -, the only thing that matters about football and fandom, is to hand out “packages” and “packets”.

So we, in this whole game, can discuss whether we can afford to play, but we don’t even discuss whether we want to play. Why; Because quite simply our decision has been made a long time ago, it is collective, and it is… NO!

From the first moment of the murderous attack on Dimitris, many people spoke. We heard loud talk and many dirty lies. We chose to keep our mouths shut for a while because we had more important things to do.

First of all, let us be vigilant with our hearts and minds focused on the battle that Demetrius was fighting.

Second, let’s go out into the city, and with our voice, let’s not allow anyone to cover up the April 7 attack.

Third, to get over the shock of seeing our own city crumbled by imported kaffirs, imported morals and imported practices of false magic.

Fourthly, let us bridle ourselves, and through hours of debate, argument, and collective decision, manage to restrain the blood of those who rightly boiled and still boil. Because quite simply, every voice that was drowned by the feeling of injustice and spoke of retaliation was no different from the would-be murderers who attacked Dimitris and his company. We never wanted to be like them. The standards are different, the values ​​are different and the beliefs that prompted us to deal with fandom and with our hometown team are different. We never wanted to adopt the mercenary tactics of every other “big” team.

Fifth, we made sure to be there, helping practically the needs of Dimitris and the rest of our brothers who were attacked.

Our first victory was not long in coming when with stubbornness and rage we managed to unmask the gross lies, helping the truth to shine. The common truth of all the people of Ioannina, what the whole city knows, made all kinds of journalists and journalists stop the cover-up. So the savage stories of “death rendezvous” properly became “assassination ambush” and of course the deliberately vague “fans” became “Olympic fans”.

The second victory came when the people of the city declared themselves “present” in our effort to help practically the needs of the children who were attacked. A respectable amount was raised and covered a portion of the difficult and unbearable medical and legal needs that burden our brothers. We understand these movements as recognition of the city towards our person and towards our intentions. We stand with unlimited admiration and respect towards each and every one who helped in practice. Each and every one of you gave us and we are given strength.

Our third victory involves our brother’s health piece, but that’s entirely due to his boyish spirit!

Our fourth and final victory concerns the whole city. We are talking about the fact that from April 7th until now we have not had to say a single thing publicly because EVERYONE in Ioannina knows very well what has happened. EVERYONE knows the truth, and time to come will reveal it again and again.

And of course our city has a memory and remembers: The common consciousness of the city knows WHO have been playing it for years, WHO are ruffians and have relations with the police, WHO are breaking into shops to make videos and announcements of “magic”, who are attacking 15 and 20 people in 2, who open the children’s bags outside their schools. The WHOLE city knows that those who do these things are not the fans of PAS Ioannina. Because quite simply the fans of PAS Ioannina never had the need to do any of this.

The 7 thugs who on April 7 got into their cars, loaded dogs, irons and smoke bombs and attacked our friends trying to assassinate them may have come to their senses prematurely. We learned that after they turned each other in for their actions, apparently in an attempt to impose immediate justice, they also sparred with each other in the holding cells (why?). All those who still insist on supporting them should think twice and thrice.

We say it for the umpteenth time: Our city will not become a Rodeo and it will not hold murderers. We will be the “wall” against these attitudes and we invite, even now, the rest of the fans to understand and adopt it.

The coverage that some good guys may have from the official lawyers of the PAE that worship, does not mean that they will have it in their integration in the city. The city expels these practices and if the good guys can’t leave them behind, then our city will expel them too.

All those who believe and feel that PAS Ioannina is the heart of the city, then let them know that we are the blood that makes it beat strong!


Source: Sport Fm

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