Bartzokas: “One of the worst situations in my career”


His mission returned to Athens Olympiakoushortly after 17:00 on Monday (22/5), from Kaunas.

The Final Four of the Euroleague did not end in the best way for the team of Piraeus, in which it prevails big disappointmentas was seen from the statements made by George Bartzokas at the airport.

The coach of the “red and whites” emphasized that the way the defeat by Real Madrid came was one of the most difficult moments of his career, however, he appeared confident that his team did the best they could, promising that Olympiacos will continue to is going for big things in Greece and Europe.

Giorgos Bartzokas’ statements in detail:

It was a fantastic season, with a difficult ending. It was painful what happened. That’s how sports are. Basketball creates these results. I want to thank the people who spent money and effort to come to Kaunas. Some came by road, traveled 3,000 kilometers. I feel inside that we did our best. Unfortunately we were not rewarded with what I thought we deserved. We will try in our next obligation to be as we should be.

I don’t know if my locker room speech was inspired, it was something I believed. My job is to have courage. Inside, I might have been more upset than the players. I have been in the stadiums for several years and I have been through such situations. Although I admit that yesterday was one of the worst, if not the worst. We created these expectations ourselves. The higher the group goes, the more intense the emotions, both negative and positive. What we can do is promise that Olympiacos will continue to go for many things, in Greece and in Europe.

I don’t want to say anything about myself. I have the great fortune to coach a team like Olympiacos. Olympiacos gives you the possibility, if you are a conscientious professional and has a little emotion, to achieve success. Unfortunately, there are also failures in sportsThe”.

Source: Sport Fm

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