Friendly defeat by Turkey for the women’s national basketball team


The women’s national basketball team started their friendly duties in preparation for next month’s Eurobasket with a loss, losing 75-90 to Turkey in Istanbul.

Until the 15th minute, the representative group presented a good face, but then, Turkey, put in big shots and imposed their rhythm, reaching the victory.

Petros Prekas gave participation time to all his athletes and tried many different shapes.

Ten minutes: 11-23, 48-46, 67-54, 90-75

Greece (Prekas): Stamolamprou 7(1), Bosgana 11, Alexandri 2, Pavlopoulou 2, Karakasidou 2, Tsineke 17 (2), Sotiriou 8 (2), Spanou 5, Christinaki 5 (1), Hairistanidou 4, Fasoula 10, Karlafti 2

After the end of the match, the partner of the federal coach, Dimitra Kalentzou, said: “We had a very demanding start to the friendly games. We were good at a lot of the things we asked before the game started. We made a big rotation in the match and that was the goal.

We had some good points as well as some weaknesses and bad moments that we need to fix. We will look in the next friendlies to improve what didn’t go well.”

The mission of the representative group after the City will go to Belgium for two matches on 26/5 in Mons (21.00) and on 28/5 in Braine (17.00).

Source: Sport Fm

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