Panathinaikos: Zeka who comes to fight and the midfielders who will raise the level


The rationale for its acquisition Carlos Zeca by Panathinaikos it has been analyzed many times. The “greens” bring a child of their own to close his career in the team and then take a position in it. However, this does not mean that the experienced midfielder will have… a decorative role.

Zeka will fight. That’s the only thing certain. He will give everything in training and if o Ivan Jovanovich sees that the footballer is capable of giving things to the team, then he will have no problem trusting him. The 34-year-old international ace has a distinctive style as a footballer. He is a fighter. And with this fighting spirit he will try to win the trust of his coach, while at the same time having a leadership presence in the locker room. Therefore, there is only profit for the team from this move, which will be greater if Zeka is fine after his injuries.

From there on, in the “clover” they aim to acquire midfielders who will make the difference. We refer to one eight and in one ten. There the burden will fall, while a potential six-year transfer will only occur if he does not renew his contract Dimitris Kourbelis. Developments on the issue of the “trefoil” leader are expected within the next three days.

Source: Sport Fm

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