Butler: “We want the championship and I like our chances”


He showed no mood for celebrations Jimmy Butler after the big Heat win in Boston in Game 7 and winning the title in the East. The leader of the Miami team wants to get his first championship and is not satisfied with the one of the district.

I just know why Coach Spoelstra and Coach Riley wanted me to be here. To claim championships. I knew that my teammates would help me and I worked very hard. I had great faith that we would succeed. But no one is happy, we’re not just playing to win the East title, we’re playing to win the NBA championship. The whole team is very confident, we believe we can do something great. I like our chances against the Nuggets“, he emphasized.

I won’t say it’s in the Heat’s culture to lose three straight games in the playoffs, because we never play to lose. The Celtics are a fantastic team and will be around for a long time. But the team we have built is capable of when one player goes down, someone else covers him. And when he returns, the other will return to his role. I don’t call them players, but good teammates. We have some very good players who can do everything“, he added.

Of Caleb Martin’s impressive performances he said: “He may never have been drafted, he may surprise you, but he doesn’t surprise me and us on the team. We saw how much he worked and what he did in training. I am very proud of him and you will see even better things from him in the future. No one will ever underestimate him again in the past».

Finally, on how his team can stop Nikola Jokic, he said:We have two days to think about this and how we will limit him».

Source: Sport Fm

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