The calls of the National Youth Men’s National Team for the European U20 in Heraklion: Mantzoukas is on the list

The calls of the National Youth Men’s National Team for the European U20 in Heraklion: Mantzoukas is on the list

THE Young Men’s National Team begins on Saturday preparation for the U20 European Championship which will be hosted in Heraklion, Crete from July 8 to 16. The Greek team competes in Group 3 where they will face Poland (8/7), Lithuania (9/7) and Croatia (10/7).

The players who have been invited by Costas Papadopoulos for preparation at OAKA are:

Name Height Date Gen. Club

Zorbas Thomas 2.06 18.02.2004 Olympiacos

Zougris Vangelis 2.01 14.10.2004 Peristeri

Kalaitzakis Alexandros 1.97 11.03.2003 Karditsa

Karakostas Yiannis 1.93 02.04.2004 Lavrio

Lagios Angelos 2.04 14.04.2003 Prometheus P.

Mantzoukas Lefteris 2.07 07.08.2003 Panathinaikos

Yiannis Mermigis 2.01 08.02.2003 Pan-Erythraikos

Bazinas Nassos 1.94 18.10.2003 Prometheus P.

Boldoglou Nikiforos 2.03 21.03.2003 Triton

Boutouris Christos 1.93 16.01.2004 Trikala 14

Nafpliotis Sotiris 1.93 28.08.2003 Coffeyville

Neophytos Giorgos 1.90 18.09.2003 Achaia 82

Economopoulos Sotiris 1.91 29.08.2003 Pan-Erythraikos

Plotas Nikos 1.96 12.06.2004 Prometheus P.

Stavrakopoulos Sotiris 2.03 29.11.2004 Peristeri

Hatzis Dimitris 2.12 24.06.2003 Peristeri

Fitros Yiannis 1.97 21.01.2004 Peristeri

Coach: Konstantinos Papadopoulos

B. Coach: Petros Gaitatzis, Thanos Konstantopoulos

Trainer: Tsampis Army

Physiotherapist: George Koropiotis

Team manager: George Kyriakopoulos

The preparation program

The Junior Men’s National Team will, as part of its preparation, face the Jordanian Men’s National Team in Athens, play two friendly matches with France at Temple Sur Lot, take part in the “Menegine de Silvestro” tournament at Domegge Di Cadore with the host Italy, Slovenia and Germany and will face Spain in Heraklion on July 3rd and 4th.

13/6 Athens, Greece-Jordan (Men)

15-16/6 Temple Sur Lot, Friendly with France

23-25/6 Domegge Di Cadore, “Menegin De Silvestro” International Tournament (Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Germany)


19.00 Germany-Greece

21.30 Italy-Slovenia


19.00 Greece-Slovenia

21.30 Italy-Germany


19.00 Slovenia-Germany

21.30 Italy-Greece

3-4/7 Heraklion, Friendly with Spain

3/7 19.00 Greece-Spain

4/7 19.00 Greece-Spain

Source: Sport Fm

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