They knew Fiorentina and West Ham lifted the second European Cup in its history!


With Bowen redeeming and scoring in the 90′, cynical West Ham beat superior Fiorentina 2-1 to win the Conference League and the second European title in their history.

Hammers to the violas and the cup ends up in London! Thanks to Bowen’s goal in the 90th minute, West Ham knew Fiorentina and with the final 2-1 victory, they lifted the second European trophy in their history and first Europa Conference League.

Benrahma opened the scoring with a penalty in the 62nd minute, while five minutes later Bonaventura temporarily equalized.

In the coach’s mind

Vicenzo Italiano brought down Fiorentina with 4-3-3, having a mini-surprise in the original format. Terazzano in goal and Dodo, Milenkovic, Luca Ranieri, Biraghi in the back four. Bonaventure, Amrabad, Madragora the three axis. Gonzalez at one end, Kwame at the other (instead of Icone who seemed more likely to start), while Jovic was preferred instead of Cabral at the top.

Same arrangement from David Moyes on behalf of West Ham. Areola under the posts, with Choufal, Zouma, Agger, Emerson in the defensive four, with the British coach changing his two backs compared to the last match. Sucek, Rice, Paketa in the midfield, with Bowen, Benrahma on the wings and Antonio in the attack.

The match

Ball and space in Fiorentina at the beginning gave the West Ham, with the aim of hitting the counter attack. The Violas took the match to set-pieces, as they generally have a high percentage of possession as a team overall this season and like to be in control. Despite this, he was not finding the right spaces, with the “hammers” on their side having a good final with Rice’s shot from outside the area. The match was tough, logical in part since a trophy was at stake, but o Del Thero Grande he drew just one card in the 45th minute and that was for Benrahma’s play.

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In the 34th minute, his final Conference League remind… final Greek Cupsince her followers West Ham they threw glasses and a lighter at Biraghi who wanted to take the corner from the right, resulting in their captain Fiorentina to come out covered in blood and have his head tied. The pace was slow, the intent high from both teams and the last phase of the first half was the longest so far. Because in the 4th minute of stoppage time and after Gonzalez’s cross, Kwame pressed hard, took the header but was unlucky after the ball found the right post, with Jovic scoring on the rebound but exposed and 0-0 remaining .

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The second half started with a change for Fiorentina, with the Italiano bringing on Cabral instead of Jovic. The tempo began to pick up, with both teams looking to play more open and look for the goal, which came shortly after the hour mark. In fact, during that time, Del Thero Grande had to go to do an on field review, correctly pointing to the white bullet in Biraghi’s hand. From where Benrahma, with an excellent execution, sent Terazzano to the opposite corner to make it 1-0 in the 62nd minute.

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The Londoners’ joy lasted just five minutes, after Amrabad’s through ball, Gonzalez headed Bonaventura and Bonaventura finished with a superb chipped finish past Areola to equalize in the 67th minute. Fiorentina gained psychology and momentum, Saponara, who entered the field, made his team more mobile offensively and in the 72nd minute the “violas” touched the turning point. With Cabral putting Kerrer on his back and breaking perfectly to Madragoras, who crossed at once but couldn’t find the target for a while.

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The match had become run & gun, the two teams were searching with… fury for the goal but Fiorentina seemed to be closer. And she paid for her naivety in the finale, when she played the defense in the cross and Paqueta with an improbable cross … pierced it, putting Bowen out for Terazzano who had no trouble finishing it for 2-1. In the next 8 extra minutes, nothing changed but the effort of the “violas”, with West Ham lifting the second European trophy in their history after the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1965.

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MVP: Undoubtedly Jared Bowen. He may not look much in the match even though he has run enough and limited Biraghi and his moves, but Moyes keeps him in the match and is justified since in the 90th minute he has the courage to move forward and place perfectly with a clear mind to give away the cup to the team of his heart.

The whistle: Del Thero Grande is almost flawless officiating. We say almost because he missed West Ham’s penalty, but now the referees have the safety of VAR and he indicates it afterwards with an on field review. He was otherwise close to the phases and explained to the players why he was giving or not giving cards, while helping to get a good rhythm going.

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