The Canadian Prime Minister from Kiev Justin Trudeau said today that Canada will join a multinational effort to train Ukrainian fighter pilots and announced an additional $375 million in military aid to Kiev.

The Canadian Prime Minister arrived today in the Ukrainian capital, on a surprise visit to the country.

In a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Trudeau also stated that the destruction of of Kahovka Dam in southern Ukraine was a “direct consequence” of the Russian invasion, without however blaming Moscow for the explosion that destroyed this hydroelectric dam on the Dnieper River.

The destruction of the dam, for which Moscow and Kiev blamed by one side on the other, resulted in the flooding of towns and villages located on both banks of the Dnieper River, areas under Ukrainian control and others under Russian occupation. Many people lost their lives and many more were injured, while thousands were forced to flee their homes.

“We all saw the damage caused by the collapse of the dam at the Kahovka hydroelectric station… This is a direct consequence of the war that Russia is waging,” the Canadian prime minister stressed.

“We have absolutely no doubt that the destruction of the dam is a direct consequence of Russia’s decision to invade the country,” he added.

At the press conference, Zelensky stated that counter-offensive operations of the Ukrainian army on the war front are underway, but did not give further details.