Takianos: “Great challenges, the goal is stability and attractive basketball”


Takianos’ message ahead of the new season.

The Greek coach conveyed his thoughts about him for the next season on the occasion renewal of his contract with PAOK.

What he said in detail

The main thing is for there to be development and progress after this year and this is not only related to the ranking position the team will take. Progress may be building a core of players for the next couple of years. Progress can be to be able to obtain a stability in the competitive part, so that the team is not one year in 9th place, then in 4th place and then again much lower“, Fotis Takianos said initially and referred to the goals that the team can and should have: “The goal is for the racing part to be competitive with this stability.

The aim is also to present something attractive inside the stadium, so that people can evaluate it and see more people in the stadium.

To be able to attract families and young children, so as to create cores of healthy fans.

It is also our goal to include in the team some children who will come from the academies. The first step will be to get one player on board and grow that over the next two years.

But it is also a goal to have an environment in which we all operate with respect for each other. To create a family environment, because without it all the above will have no meaning and will not work properly. And in this we all have a very important role, along with the decisive presence of the administration and the public».

-You want PAOK to present something attractive. So what team does PAOK want to make next season? What kind of basketball do you want your PAOK to play?

“By attractive basketball, I mean a team that will have a high fighting index, that will fight for every possession in the open court. And in terms of our offense, I think some samples have shown up over the last few months. The attack should be multifaceted, should not be person-centered and through the team process should come out our offensive game and how we will attack the opponent’s game”.

– What participation can and should the world, to which you referred, have in this effort and in this process?

“The crowd is a very important factor and the question for us is how we will create the conditions for him to come to the stadium. The world exists. It is this huge base of fans who love PAOK in a special way. We have to “force” them to come to the field and their presence is a prerequisite for the team to have a good course. And this was seen in the games where we had the world by our side. He energized the team. Everyone needs to understand how important a role it plays in the development of games and how positively players are affected. If everyone realizes this, it will be easier for them to come and support us.”

-The image that existed in the match against AEK, in a game with very special conditions of course, is that the one you would want in every game?

“I think that the size of PAOK presupposes that our stadium should be like this. It should be non-negotiable that the team needs to be supported even in the times we are going through, which is not easy because the team is not a title contender. So we have to present something so attractive and worthy of being loved by the fans so that we can experience moments like in the game with AEK. Yes, it was a special moment and day, but this is the picture we should all try to get as close to as possible…”

-The next season will also have a Super Cup, along with the championship and the team’s participation in the BCL. More responsibilities, more challenge, stress? What of all this?

“All things usually have a normal development. Next year will be the continuation of this year. And we must not forget that participation in the Super Cup, but also in the BCL, came because we competitively challenged teams with a much higher budget, who were in the Euroleague and the Eurocup. And that means we have achieved something and next year will be the continuation. I think it’s a big challenge what’s coming, but it doesn’t create any particular stress. It is the normal continuation. The Champions League is of a high standard, but our league is also of a high standard. It won’t be unheard of. The Super Cup is an extremely honorable distinction, as we will be given the opportunity to challenge for a title. In my mind, everything is in a normal flow and finding the challenges in front of us means that we must be ready to face them”.

Source: Sport Fm

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