Scenarios for AEK and Mama Balde!


Scripts that connect her AEK by Mama Balde have begun to develop in France.

As mentioned by various Inside of the country, “Union” is included in the “suitors” for its striker It eats.

Specifically, the “yellow and black” are presented as the one of the three groups who have shown serious interest (along with Mainz and Eindhoven).

Balde’s name was “played” and last year in the AEK report, however this year the data are similar differentas he wishes to leave Troyes after relegation of Ligue 2.

He is a player with characteristics that Pair in the profile of the striker with whom he may be lined up Levi Garcia and is coming off a pretty good season with 12 goals and 4 assists in 35 appearances in total.

Source: Sport Fm

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