Huang: “Coach keeps telling us we have to be together, united”


Mission to Austria: Heraklis Antipas

THE Olympiacos drew 1-1 with Norgeland in his second friendly on Austrian soil, with Inbom Huang to get participation time for the first time in this year’s preparation and to make statements after the end of the match.

What he said in detail:

“It was the first game for me. It was a beautiful feeling to be back on the pitch with my teammates. We could have won this match. But there are also positive elements that we can keep.

Let’s keep showing the world the things we’re good at. We need to improve in some areas. In the first half we faced some problems but that’s what preparation is for. We must all work together, as we have done so far.

The coach keeps telling us that we have to be together, united. He wants the players to play for the team, to sacrifice for the team. I’ve been doing this since I became a professional soccer player.

So do my teammates. We have to play for the team regardless of the opponent. To all play together, to remain a solid team, to be aggressive in defense and attack. Let’s stay focused.”

Source: Sport Fm

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