Gudogan: “I’ve been Barcelona since I was little”


Willing and prepared to immediately deliver what Xavi and her friends expect from him Barcelona stated the Ilkay Gundogan, after landing in Barcelona. The young Catalan star spoke of his long-standing excellent relationship with his new manager, while he described how he believes he will strengthen the Spanish club’s centre-back.

It’s a dream to be at Barca“, he initially states. “I remember as a child watching Barcelona and seeing the Barcelona of Rijkaard and Pep (including Guardiola). I’m a Barca fan, I’ve followed them closely every year and I’m very happy and proud to be part of them».

On what he believes he can offer to his new team, the German said: “I think I can bring a lot of experience to the ‘table’, although obviously there is huge quality in the center at Barca. I can adapt to different roles – more defensive and more attacking. I like to have the ball and that is very important in a team that fights like Barcelona. I will give all my strength to help the team as much as possible, because the team is what counts in the end».

The 32-year-old closed by referring to the opportunity to work under the guidance of the legend of the La Liga champions:

Means a lot to me. It’s a great opportunity for me to continue to develop and improve as a player. I spoke to him a few times before I signed, and I think we think the same way about football. Our way of thinking and characters are similar».

Edited by: Andreas Alibertis

Source: Sport Fm

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