Zougris: “We are Greeks who fight, we are a people who fight and do not lose”


He was particularly emotional Vangelis Zougris in his statements after the victory of the national team over Belgium and the winning of the bronze medal in the European U20 championship held in Heraklion.

Asked about the big twistdid not hide his emotion: “The fact that we came back in the game… I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it… I really think it’s because we are Greeks who fight, we are a people who fought and fight and never lose.

We were at 100%, but in the first we weren’t that good. At half time we talked and we were all on the same page. I am very proud of the children and I want for all the effort and the staff and the people who supported us and I want the physical therapist of the team, Giorgos Koropiotis, to say a few words…».

Koropiotis, for his part, said: “congratulations to the guys who have given 100% for a month and a half now. We had some injuries but luckily everything went well, so finally good, all good».

Zougris continued his statements, sending a message about the future: “We are here… Present and ready to represent Greece and the years to come. All those failed years might just pave the way for success, as Giannis says. Failures lead to the one way of success, as long as you believe, work, try».

He won over the audience and the toughest judges with his passion, usually playing against much taller opponents: “I’m honored you say that. I try to play like that. I am characterized by passion and the desire to play, to run, to get the ball, to finish the phases. I want to give 100%. I don’t take any moment on the floor for granted. I try to play with passion, to be myself and enjoy it. As for the taller ones… No problem. I have learned to play against taller opponents».

Source: Sport Fm

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