Marinakis: “Stop the bleeding of the Super League due to the arbitrary demands of the EPO”


His own message for the new season was sent by the president of the Stoiximan Super League, Vangelis Marinakis, in the context of championship draw. Initially, he referred to the reduction of the retention rate from the television contracts, which he paid to the EPO, while he underlined his hope that something similar would happen for the rates in the players’ contracts.

He also referred to the profits from betting taxation, available from the State, stressing that a plan is being implemented to return them in a way that that there be no injustices. Among other things, he also referred to the case of fixed matches, asking for transparency and emphasized:Under no circumstances will we leave the Super League untouched by rumors and mud. Those who are guilty should pay».

In closing, she addressed her topic Holistic Study and sent an optimistic message about the future of Greek football.

In detail, the statement of the president of the Super League, Vangelis Marinakis:

“I wish the 2023-2024 Championship to be a strong championship that will offer beautiful moments to the fans.

We had prepared for a raffle-festival but the moments are critical and our fellow citizens as well as the heroic firefighters are fighting the flames and in such moments all our minds are with them!

As you already know, in the last year the Super League managed to close its biggest sponsorship deal with the company Stoiximan who became our helper and teammate.

We managed to get the State to deal with the excessive “extortion” of tens of millions of euros imposed by EPO on our teams and the withholding rate from television contracts was reduced by law from 5% to 1%.

We are sure that the State will make sure that the percentage in the contracts of players and footballers also falls to 1% from the current 5% arbitrarily and according to our unanimous proposal.

It is a unique phenomenon on the planet that the Federation holds a percentage both in the sale and in the purchase of a football player from a PAE! Obviously the percentage should be zero in purchases and 1% in sales.

We will make every effort to stop the rampant financial bleeding of the Super League due to the arbitrary demands of the EPO.

We will stop, that’s for sure, depriving our teams, our Academies of resources, to pay exorbitant salaries of slackers or their dolce vita and their trips around the world with their girlfriends and boyfriends… to our health !

At the same time with the above, we kept the significant percentage from the taxation of the Betting profits that the State allocates to us every year.

As you know, this is about money that football claimed for many years since our teams were on vouchers without having any income.

We are even working with the State on a way to return this money so that there are no distortions and injustices as in the past.

I would like to limit myself to only pleasant messages today, but unfortunately the times require us to face the challenges head on and create the future that Greek Football deserves.

We have already addressed the State and have asked for absolute transparency about what we have been hearing lately.

Those who are guilty should be brought to justice as soon as possible and suffer all the penalties provided for by disciplinary law.

Under no circumstances will we leave the Super League untouched by rumors and mud. Those who are guilty should pay.

At the same time, with the support of the State, which has already legislated in this regard, we must proceed with Professional Arbitration, in a new era of trust and seriousness for a long-suffering area. No shadows and no interests for third parties.

Professional football must finally enjoy the possibility given to it by the famous “Holistic Study”, which was agreed and signed by the Prime Minister of the country Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the President of UEFA Alexander Jefferin, to decide on the affairs of his house!

The EPO should, immediately, fully and without distortions adopt the “Holistic Study”, UEFA and the State should contribute as much as possible in this direction.

We will try with all our strength to bring new sponsorship and television revenue to professional football.

The next few years are our joint opportunity to take Greek football where it deserves in Europe”/

Source: Sport Fm

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