Colombia took advantage of South Korea’s mistakes and entered the World Cup on the right foot!


A perfect start for her Colombia in the Women’s World Cup! The Colombians took advantage of the mistakes of their players South Korea and prevailed 2-0making promises for the sequel.

South Korea’s players entered the match better, unlike Colombia’s who were slow to find their feet. In the 8th minute, Chow caught the shot from the edge of the area, but Peres blocked the ball, in the first good moment of the game.

The match was quite tough from the start, with a lot of tagging and the pace dropping noticeably. Something Colombia took advantage of, finding the goal in the 30th minute by winning a penalty in hand SIM. The execution was undertaken by Ousmewho opened the scoring, scoring the second goal of her career at a Women’s World Cup.

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The goal gave a boost to Colombia, who nine minutes later found the back of the net for the second time, with Caicedo to do the solo and the shot, h Yoon to lose the ball from her hands and it ends up in the net for the 2-0 of half time.

The second part had almost the same picture. THE Colombia she continued to be in complete control, holding her players South Korea away from her area Dayswhile often the South Americans were the ones who threatened, mainly with the Caicedo and Ramires.

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The minutes passed, with her Casey Fair to enter a change in the 78th minute and write history, because at the age of 16 years and 26 days she became the youngest player to compete in the Women’s World Cup.

Nothing changed until the referee’s final whistle Colombia took the win, starting their World Cup campaign with three points, unlike South Korea who remain on zero and will fight for the three points in the second matchday against Morocco.

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