The “heavy” names of Greek athletics enter the World Championship


The organizers of the World Athletics Championships in Budapest have informed about the forecast of the meteorologists for a lot of heat at the time of Wednesday’s games and the five Greek champions who will enter the battle will have to overcome this specific obstacle to achieve their goal.

Emmanuel Karalis will start first in time. The 23-year-old champion, his fourth Olympic pole vaulter, is in the B qualifying group and starts at 11:15. The qualifying limit for the final is 5.80 and the “silver” European indoor champion has this year’s 5.82.

Immediately after it is the turn of Miltos Tedoglou. The European champion and long world “silver” champion begins his efforts in the A qualifying group at 12:15 and is looking for a jump of 8.15 to be in Thursday’s final and take the gold he missed out on in Oregon, having this year 8.28.

In the women’s javelin, the European champion in Berlin, Elina Jengo, at 12:55 needs a throw of 61.50 to qualify for the final, having this year’s 63.65.

The protagonist in the European U23 Championship, Polyniki Emmanouilidou, will make her debut in a major event at 200 meters and in the seventh corridor of the second qualifying series.

In the afternoon program, we have the participation of Stamatia Skarvelis in the hammer throw qualifier. The 28-year-old champion will compete in the A qualifying group at 20:00 and is looking for a shot of 73 meters, which is the qualification limit for the final, having this year’s record of 69.79.

In detail, the program:

Wednesday, August 23

11.05 800 m (C) Qualifier

11.15 Pole vault (A) Karalis Qualifier

11.20 Javelin (C) Qualifier A’ group

12.15 Length (A) Tentoglou Qualifier

12.20 200 m. (C) Emmanuilidou Qualifier

12.55 Javelin (C) Qualifier Group B Jengo

13.15 200m (A) Qualifier


20.00 Hammer throw (C) Qualifier A’ group Skarveli

20.02 5,000 m (C) Qualifier

20.10 Triple Jump (C) Qualifier

20.30 Pole vault (C) Final

20.53 3,000m steeplechase (C) Qualifier

21.35 Hammer throw (C) Qualifier B’ group

21.45 100m breaststroke (C) Semi-final

22.15 1,500 m (A) Final

22.35 400m (C) Final

22.50 400m hurdles (A) Final

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