Pogba warns: ‘They will take back what they said about me’


With a competitive mood, as can be seen from his interview with the network Al Jazeeraenters the new season o Paul Pogba.

I want to make them take back their words and show that I am not weak. They can talk bad about me, but I will never give up“, categorically stated the 30-year-old-now-midfielder, who is in his second year at Juventus.

I’m “hungry” like when I was twenty.

Last year he was unlucky as he was out of action for most of the season, with 6 different injuries but now he seems ready – according to his words – to return: “I have more experience, I know my body more and I know what I want. I have a great desire to play, a great hunger like when I was 20 years old».

Football is beautiful but also hard. One day you can do something great and the next you can be nobody“, he added.

Then, when asked about his relationship with power, he referred to Ibrahimovic and Jews: “They were different leaders. Zlatan is tough and he used to tell me when I wasn’t playing well to train and give more. He is always driven by the will to win and I like that way of life“.

Patrice Evra was kinder as a captain, both for United and nationally. Pirlo, on the other hand, didn’t talk much, he was calm and his confidence was visible on the pitch» concluded the French international.

Edited by: Maria Sarafoglou

Source: Sport Fm

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