The NBA votes for stricter measures against the rest of the stars!


One of the big issues regarding the NBAis the rest of the stars of the teams, so-called load management.

Many clubs in the league often prefer to leave their top players out of the match, even if they are not injured, so that they have them “fresh” for the next matches, or even better, in the playoffs. This practice, however, has been criticized many times, as many of his games NBA they end up being matchups between…benches, especially towards the end of the season, with the result that the product is diluted and many fans who travel miles don’t get a chance to see their heroes compete.

Apparently, the league is ready to take steps to address this problem. The American media reports that its board of governors NBA will vote this week on a new regulation, which will not allow the teams to rest two of the star players them in the same match, if of course there is no injury!

Every player who has ever existed is considered a star player by the league All Star or has entered one of the best five the last three years. This category, of course, includes almost all the big names, so such a regulation could indeed be a game-changer and put an end to load management.

If this regulation is upheld next Wednesday (9/13), any team that violates it will be fined $100,000 the first time and $250,000 the second time. From then on, for each violation, clubs will be fined an additional $1 million added to their final fine!

Source: Sport Fm

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