Savvopoulos: “Big gap in the forward position – Aris will be sought on the free agent market”


For the acquisition of a center forward will be searched for Mars in the free market, as conveyed by Alexis Savvopoulos in his “air”. News Bulletin 247.

The reporter of the “yellows” mentioned that the Thessaloniki team with 18 transfers strengthened numerically and covered the gaps left by the players who left, stressing, however, that the issue remains in the position of the striker.

In particular, he spoke of a large gap, since there is only O Lorraine Moronadding that Aris will make an effort to bring a player from the free agency market, which will be open until the end of the month.

At the same time, regarding the racing data, he stated that the VelethPardo, Suleimanov and Verstrate are picking up speed, but they will hardly be in the lineup for the Toumba derby with PAOK (17/09).

Listen to the audio clip:

Towards the end of August, five moves

vest last move

18 transcripts, numerically covered

big gap in the forward position, behind Moron

in the free market

will be searched either now or for January

an attempt will be made to for

Veleth, Suleimanov, Vestrate, Pardo will be 11 after the derby

Source: Sport Fm

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