The… almost absolute balance and the most common score: The numbers of AEK-Olympiakos


AEK and Olympic cross swords on Sunday (17/09) at OPAP Arena and Stoiximan Super League presented the details of the matches between the two teams for the championship at the headquarters of the Union.

This will be the 68th match against the “yellow and black” hosts for the A’ division, with AEK to have 22 wins against Piraeus’ 21, while 24 matches have ended in draws. Which means that in the event of a double, we will have an absolute balance with 22-24-22!

As far as goals are concerned, o Olympiacos has 80 goals against 78 of “Dikephalos” – number that can also come… a draw in case of victory of the home team by two goals.

The most common result is 1-1, who has appeared ten times, with 1-0 following with nine. On eight occasions we have seen 0-0, with 0-1, 2-0 and 1-2 rounding out the list (5).

It is worth noting that in the last five years, Olympiacos have come away unscathed in all their visits to the Super League, counting 5-4-0 in OAKA and OPAP Arena.

Finally, mention is also made of the top scorers of the derby with AEK as the home team, with Thomas Mavro to be on top with nine goals. They are followed by Youssef El Arabi with seven and Predrag Djordjevic with six, while Mimis Papaioannou, Giorgos Sideris and Demis Nikolaidis have five each.

Finally, Daniel Batista has four, with the shirt of both teams.

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Source: Sport Fm

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