AEL: “Theodoropoulos apologizes for inappropriate and unnecessarily abusive behavior”


Announcement through which he makes it known that Kostas Theodoropoulos was called to an apology because of “his inappropriate and unnecessarily abusive behavior” against the team’s coach, Panagiotis Goutzidis, and the general captain, Thomas Kyparissis, issued by PAE AEL.

As emphasized in the announcement, the future of the 33-year-old goalkeeper in the team will be decided after his apology, while it should be remembered that Theodoropoulos is among those affected by the catastrophic floods in Thessaly, with his house having suffered enormous damage.

The announcement of PAE AEL in detail:

“PAE AEL, by virtue of today’s decision of the Board of Directors of, given what really happened on the part of the football player Kostas Theodoropoulos, will call him to apologize within the stipulated period for his inappropriate and unnecessarily abusive behavior, against the coach Mr. Panagiotis Goutzidis and against the general captain Mr. Thomas Kyparissis.

The two managers of the competition department selflessly and under adverse conditions offered material and psychological help inside the paternal home of the indecent football player, only to hear, surprised and as if they did not owe it, incredible profanities. After the apology of the footballer Theodoropoulos, PAE AEL will decide on the further continuation or termination of the cooperation with him”.

Source: Sport Fm

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